Religious Iconography has always left Jules feeling mesmerised and touched by its constant ability to inspire. She started using this inspiration to create her own hand painted icons at a young age and continues to explore its history, symbolic and colour palettes in her own contemporary styled iconography. 

Process and technique has always been treasured by Jula Bula, in a bid to preserve and protect, in this very digital age of art and design. Having studied printed textiles at university - Jules was introduced to the world of fibres, surfaces, pigments, dyes and many worldwide application techniques. This is where her creative curiosity decided to explore the way religious iconography has been shaped through history and to aim to bring it into the contemporary world at the same time as preserve its historical and symbolic beauty. 

Jules uses a wide range of mixed media and surfaces to create stunning, vibrant and rich, religious icon inspired pieces, using both modern and historical mediums. This can range from hand mixed egg tempura paints made at home, to high quality pre-mixed paints. She has prepared each board and piece carefully in hope to maintain its rich application of colour. Some pieces have been used with linen and home made gesso - others with pre-made gesso to smooth the surface.

If you would like to hear more about the application and materials used please feel free to email hello@julabula.co.uk or If you are interested in buying any of the pieces please visit the JULA BULA Esty shop by clicking the link below.

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